Fun Stuff for Felines

Fun catUse these pages to spawn ideas for your own cats’ needs or download (free!) instructions to replicate the things I’ve designed for my cats.

My first foray into furniture making for my cats was motivated by the fact that what is available is usually atrocious or, if not atrocious, it’s expensive. Until I can afford the Le Corbusier-type furnishings I would dearly love, I just have to rely on my design and building skills to keep my living space relatively stylish for me and fun and comfortable for them.

I question toys made in China—many with psychedelic colors and often strange chemical smells when you first unpack them. There’s no governing body that regulates what our cats ingest with the toys they play with. But when it comes to these types of projects, I won’t do it unless I can finish it the same day I start. Normally I want to throw my sewing machine and crochet hooks out the window (since my skills are so lacking), but I am highly motivated to provide healthy toys for my cats to gnaw on. And, some of the best toys are even easier than these: one organic ball of yarn goes a long way (thank you, my dear kitties, for not wanting to play with anything more than that!).

So, bear in mind that my skills (be it carpentry or sewing) are remedial at best. All of these projects are absolutely doable with just a little determination.