On Feline Food

Food catHere are two good reasons to consider making your cats’ food:

  1. much of the food on the market falls short of dietary needs
  2. even some of the better foods have had quality issues

…and I hope it comes as no shock that the ultimate diet for cats is truly raw meat based. The myriad of benefits include:

  1. many health issues are resolved
  2. cats obtain more nutrients
  3. energy will be boosted
  4. coat will be beautiful
  5. less poop cleanup (more “fuel” is actually used, rather than excreted)
  6. your radlilcat will love you even deeper*

* Well, that one is not scientifically proven, but my grumpy boy cat is hugely affectionate when I get the meat grinder out then come home from the market with the one bag I use for cat ingredients! It seems I’m most loved when the raw food is on the horizon.

Note, however, that I’m not a fanatical pusher of it because there are, in fact, some cats who do better on canned foods than raw. The most important point about feeding cats a healthy diet is to avoid kibble. It is simply what’s been pushed by the industry and is just not a healthy option and should frankly be banned. If you do serve a commercial menu to your fine diners, please be sure to find food that is:

  1. never kibble, canned only (I’ll repeat til I’m blue in the face)
  2. grain-free
  3. soy-free
  4. has high meat protein content
  5. has moderate level of fat
  6. is low carbohydrate

A bit technical, but a very interesting read is Lynn Curtis’ tips on reading cat food labels.

If you have simply no energy or desire to make your own catfood, I can highly recommend Rad Cat catfood (unrelated to my Radlilcat site in any way!). If you can’t find this at your local pet supply, start asking for it—it’s high time that all pet supply stores provide a good raw option.

For those of you ready to try your hand at creating the pinnacle of species-appropriate diet for your cat, read on. It is crucial to stick to proven recipes like these here which are adaptions of Dr. Lisa Pierson’s pioneering research into feline diet.