Factual cat

I truly believe we don’t yet know all there is to know about domestic cats. It may be a long time before we do. We love the mystique of these creatures and part of that is not fully understanding them! But as much as I will always hang onto awe and wonder for my rad little cats, I also have pursued learning all I can, sometimes at the expense of ruining a fabled myth. For example, long ago I used to believe cats would rather sleep than do just about anything else. But the more my cats do during the day, the more they sleep through the night and keep life peaceful (I’m grateful that they’ve adapted to me, as well as me to them). Truth is, domestic cats are often just bored. Providing stimulation is key to seeing them perk up, enjoy their lives with us, and not use sleep as an escape from the boredom.

I haven’t only learned that I owe it to my cats to play with them (or provide a multitude of things that keep them engaged and interested), I’ve learned what they can digest and what they can’t digest. I’ve learned how to listen to various meows and know exactly the sound of happy, hungry and I just brought you a mouse! I hate that sound, but I’ve also learned to never show that to them, I’ve learned to accept and even give them the praise they deserve for being themselves and wanting to share with me.

Every day with them, I learn more. And every day keeps me motivated to dig and uncover more facts that help me make their lives, and mine, better all the time.