About Radlilcat

Purrball Meets Burrball in Brazil Coming SoonI created this site to share all the great things I’ve learned about and designed around cats. Like much in my life, becoming cat-savvy was born of necessity:

  • Learning to make healthy catfood: my cat was sick and couldn’t survive on available foods
  • Creating easy cat toys: too much is made in China these days
  • Building a catio: wanting an outdoor experience for my cats, but needing to protect them

Since you landed here, you are likely also fan of rad little cats (which they all are). I hope you’ll find some inspiration within these musings.



Three ways in which to make your radlilcat(s) happy here:

  • Catio on a Budget

    Catio on a Budget

    Catios are time-consuming and challenging to construct, and pricey to purchase, so see this fun solution

  • Pom-pom Pull Toy

    Pom-pom Pull Toy

    Cats love nothing better than string! This is very fun, quick and easy to do even with small kids

  • Outhouse


    Disguise the litterbox with a simple wooden structure you can customize with paint to blend into the room

  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    Have two cats with different diets? Keeping them in “two rooms” helps keep the fiesty one in check

  • Catnip Octopus

    Catnip Octopus

    Requiring only basic crochet skills, this is a kitty favorite with its drawstring pouch for catnip

  • Half Moon Mouse

    Half Moon Mouse

    Super easy project worth all the play time you’ll get from your stitches, great kids’ project, too

  • Bunny-on-a-String


    No glue, no sewing needed for this bunny on a string...might need to drink a bottle of wine, though